• El Drey


    My biggest fear is regret.
    Traveling is the only expense that makes you richer

    • El Drey


I’ve been completely obsessed with documenting my travel experiences.
Going to unknown places to capture  the soul of them  and share those unique stories means everything.
To me, filming  and photography  is an art of observation. It's finding something extraordinary in an ordinary place.
To stand out from the rest, you need to create new ideas, new perspectives, that is my goal every day.

“I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them”
-Elliott Erwitt

  • Get an impression of the unique train routes of northern China and whole Russia. You will be amazed.

  • Dirt, mud and fun. That describes the most exciting day in the year. Get an insight into the World Cross Tours 2015 in Norway.

  • The most beautiful and unknown trails across Thailand’s nature and wildlife.

  • One of our adventurers travelled to Australia and visited a secluded Aboriginal tribe.

  • Get lost in the woods. These simple tricks will help you prepare your next camping adventure.

  • Check out 10 of the most beautiful surf spots in America and get out there.

  • An intersection of wind, water and action with Mike Morrissey and Katy Miller in Canada’s mountains.

  • Our blog author and photograph Mike Stiller is currently in Tibet and took some snapshots for us.



I’m a self-made billionaire inventor, I’ve worked at NASA. Explored 8 continents including Atlantis. Won a Nobel prizes, a Pulitzer, 3 Grammys and People magazine’s sexiest man alive 4 years in a row. I’m currently working on developing cold fusion reactors that will provide free clean, sustainable energy to all mankind for centuries ahead.

Oh, and I also a filmmaker in my spare time.   At least this is how I’d like my bio to be

Truth is: I’m Venezuelan Born, British grow  and now living in Canada.

  I have a very cool job that I never expect to retired. I love my life the way it is.  I’m a storyteller. I love stories, and I love people. My favorite thing to do is to tell good stories about amazing people. I’ve never met a boring person in my life, so I’ve discovered that everyone’s story is incredible in its own way.  Nothing fascinates me more than the mundane magic of everyday life.

I speak English and Spanish and am available for assignments anywhere. The entire world is my backdrop.


Andrey Blanco (El Drey) Traveler-Adventurer

Canada Untold


Canada Untold is a documentary film that narrates a cross country expedition across Canada with the main aim to understand this beautiful and vast country through the voices of their people and their interesting journeys. Highlighting the differences of each province with the common theme of being Canadian.


The documentary has just been released and available worldwide on Amazon Prime video


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In Early 2018 I’m traveling across South America  from the warm  Caribbean diving heaven to the remote Tierra del Fuego in Patagonia. it has  been a year long planning, Follow our social media to follow us during this adveture.

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